Wolinski Consultation Services

My goal is to create a safe and accepting context for clients to discuss their struggles and specific problems, heal from psychological, social, and spiritual injury, and develop effective methods for coping with life’s challenges.

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Allison Therapy

I work with clients who are struggling with acute & long term/developmental trauma, anxiety and self-love deficit disorder. I use a variety of tools, techniques and philosophies of healing to support mind, body and soul healing.

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Presence & Connection Healing

Presence & Connection Healing is a team of licensed mental health therapists who believe healing and transformation begin with presence and connection.

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Transformance Counseling

For 30+ years, Ron has been providing individual and group psychotherapy for adults. Even when we are suffering, all of us have innate capacities for healing and growth, especially when we have access to a safe and attuned environment

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The Growlery

We collaborate with you to figure out what kind of approach will best help you and your unique background, life history, and goals. We’ll come up with a plan to address what you want to change in your life, and work together to decide exactly how we’ll accomplish that plan

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