Practice Affiliation

A unique opportunity to grow and maintain an independent behavioral health practice with business support and services in your own location

At CAPSmn, we believe in providing optimal care to our clients and want to preserve the private practice of behavioral health services, offering clients quality care in a personal setting. The challenge for independent providers is that current economic trends tend to favor large systems. Is there a way private practice can remain viable in the changing healthcare economy while providing clients excellent care choices? To survive and even thrive under recent industry changes, there is a unique opportunity for providers to focus on clinical services and clients’ needs, while receiving dedicated business support. The solution is for providers to join together in a new and innovative practice model.

This model is an affiliation; a management services organization (MSO), and it allows providers to practice independently, in their own office, while gaining the advantages of being in a larger group. This arrangement offers centralized phone answering, scheduling of clients, contracting with insurance companies, credentialing services, accounting, billing, collections management, after-hours crisis coverage, regulatory compliance support (HIPAA), a customized electronic health record with training in its use, and marketing support.

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If we are essentially competitors, how do we collaborate?

The MSO model evolved in the 1990s to allow independent healthcare practices to affiliate. Medical practices adopted this model and recently, behavioral health practices have also begun to work in partnership in response to current changes. A requirement of this model is that the practices have clinical and business systems integrations, such as centralized scheduling, use of a common EHR system, and common practice standards. Most importantly, each provider makes the treatment decisions that are best for their clients. Please see our FAQs page for answers to other common questions.